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The darker,
sweeter melon.

Now in stores across Greater Vancouver!

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What they're saying...

"Best damn melons I've ever had. My kids and I go through a melon every 4 or 5 days 😂😂. Please continue to make them available to more stores!! We can't go back to regular melons lol"

Christine, Instagram

"Picked up one of their panda black watermelons and it was super sweet and refreshing. Best watermelon I've ever had!!!"

Jason, Google Reviews

"It's was a 35 pounder. I took it home, it was the best watermelon that I've ever had!"

Kevin, Teng's Market

Grown for flavor first

Panda Melons are everything a good watermelon should be – a variety chosen for its taste and not its yield, and fully ripened on the vine as opposed to harvested early and underripe.


Enjoy summer's sweetest slice without worrying about biting into any seeds!


Panda Melon's beautifully dark colored rind is 100% natural and non-GMO.


Our melons sit on the vine to fully ripen, absorbing as much sugar as possible.

Try our new watermelon smoothie!

Escape the heat with a Panda Melon smoothie! Only available for the summer at all 101 BoBA locations.

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